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I do not need caffeine. I am not supposed to have caffeine. I have really dry eyes, and dry skin, and am always thirsty. I’m usually pretty energetic too. Lately I’ve been drinking coffee. Andrea and coffee equals complete spaz. Yesterday in the office, I was so silly. I can’t wait until the first day of the shoot. I can’t wait. I’m freaking out I’m so excited. I get emotional just thinking about what I’ll say to everyone on set on that first day. This process has been tough, but that first day, with all the people, and all the equipment, that’s when it is all worth it. Until then, I’ll drink my coffee and practice old cheerleading moves in the office while I work on the budget.

A chimpanzee firing an AK-47 from the back of a snowmobile

Arctic Chimp Bordello

What constitutes ‘gangster rap’ music.

I am the Production Manager of ‘We Got the Beat’ and while my job title may sound cool, I am basically mired in paperwork. To date I have been insanely busy hiring, organizing, and managing but with nothing very exciting to blog about. This week as I was filling out our application for Production Insurance I came across the following little tidbit.

Qualification Questions (check yes/no):
Any: Stunts, Pyrotechnics, Aircraft, Boats, Animals, Race Tracks, Race Courses, Helicopters, Motorbikes, Snowmobiles, Blanks, Squibs, Guns, Live Gangster Rap Music, Hard-Core/Soft-Core Porn?

That’s right: LIVE GANGSTER RAP MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They just slipped that one in there didn’t they. I thought about this for a moment and then realized that while there is a lot of rapping in the film gangster rap didn’t exist as a genre until the late 80’s. Bullet dodged. Still how could a live music performance put you in the same risk category as a film featuring a chimpanzee firing an AK-47 from the back of a snowmobile as he pursues a couple of rogue hookers (on motorbikes) across a minefield. Looks like I will have to rethink this scene for my ‘Arctic Chimp Bordello’ screenplay if I ever want to insure it.

The evolution of a heavy metal mascot.

How do you develop a mascot for a metal band. Well, first you need take in consideration the bands name. Suck It. That’s right, Suck It. So what’s better then a mosquito for a band called Suck It.

After a few redesigns, I have come up with one badass mosquito!

Ladies and gentlemen, I have now the pleasure to introduce you to the Suck It Mosquito. Oh, and to the boy in second grade that told me that I couldn’t join the Evil Drawing Club…… Suck This!

Rob Russ

There was a local kid who auditioned for We Got The Beat. His name was Rob Russ. He was awesome. I wasn’t sure where exactly he fit in the movie, so in true AA FILMS fashion, Andrea and I decided to create a role for him. He’s super funny and he will stand out in the movie. I’m wondering what audiences will think about our cast. We have a good number of roles being cast out of Hollywood, but we are also casting the majority of supporting roles locally. What do people want to see? All known talent? A mixture? I love seeing new people on screen. It makes me feel like I am doing more than just making a movie, I’m also giving unknown talent a chance to do something they love.

Art Dept update & prop search

Inspriration for the Art Dept.For the Art Dept, 1982 has been fun to explore in terms of design – especially for residential homes. We have secured the private homes where we’ll be shooting and are now starting to convert their 21st century modern homes with their contemporary furniture and hardwood floors into early 80s floral print couches and high pile carpeted madness. In one home, the kitchen will enjoy a trip back in time to the late 70s with warm autumn colors of orange, yellow, and brown while in another home, the living room will showcase the trendier side of 1982 with mirrored end tables, overstuffed white leather furniture, and dusty pink and turquoise art work. Meanwhile, the hunt for period cars for the film pushes on as we continue to collect such vehicles as a 1979 El Camino and 1980 Nova. And now the holy grail of our prop search is an early 80s BMX bike for our main character – we welcome any leads on this one! To contact the Art Dept, email us at

Cristina Bauer, Art Director

Lack of sleep

For two years my life has been trying to get this film made. Now it’s happening and I’m so nervous that I’m going to do something to screw it up, I’m forgetting to enjoy it. Do you know what I mean? There’s a lot of stress on the Producer – insurance, payroll, SAG paperwork, hiring crew, making deals with companies to save money, cast, logistical things, mansion concerns (our crew is living in a mansion turned college dorm in Worcester).
Anyway, I love making movies. If I didn’t, I never could’ve pulled any of this off. Right now, what’s making it worth the lack of sleep, super long days, and constant feeling that I haven’t done enough as I lay in bed at night, is my team. My Production Manager Dave is amazing. My assistant Christina is keeping everything organized. I’m very lucky to have the team I have. It’s everyone’s movie now. OK – I have to try and go to sleep. What can I count in my head to try falling asleep? I’ve tried sheep and I know this makes no sense since my eyes are closed, but it hurts my eyes when I try to count sheep, because I move my eyeballs from left to right trying to watch the imaginary sheep I’m counting.

Orange Ocean CD release party.

Worcester felt like NYC or downtown LA this past weekend when I mc’d the Orange Ocean CD release party on the top floor of an office building. They had guest list girls, a huge security guard, a DJ, a diverse fun crowd, and duck yao.

I was introducing the director to the ORANGE OCEAN – my favorite Worcester band. They are amazing and I hope to get their music into the soundtrack somehow. Opening acts included Baker and Afro DZ Ak.