Our biggest film to date!

Two years ago, we had $250,000 lined up for this film. Then we lost it. Then I decided a brilliant idea would be to send the director and his assistant Hillary, a Clark University student at the time, to L.A. to audition actors, on my credit card. Why not get more in debt? We cast Michael Copon as the lead role of Brad Roberts. We had no idea that he was friends with Lou Perlman, the guy who started N’Sync and the Backstreet Boys. Since our film is about the first ever boyband, who supposedly paved the way for the other boybands, Perlman loved the concept. Cut to: Jon (writer/director), Kaz (Music Producer), Michael Copon, and I at Perlman’s steakhouse in Orlando during the fall of ’06. This guy practically owned Orlando. He tells us we should shoot for $2,000,000 and he’ll finance it. Kaz played footsies with him under the table, and knew his music producer, who randomly had just finished producing Jordan Knight’s latest love ballad cd, which sounded just like Clay Aiken’s latest love ballad cd, at the time. It was apparent then that we were to learn entirely too much about the history of boybands, what former boyband members are doing now, and all that is boybands. I’m not sure if Hanson is considered a boyband, but Hillary is obsessed with them, which I find weird since I don’t know anyone else who is a fan. I’m aging myself. Anyway, so we got Perlman on board. Cut to: Hollywood actors, Hollywood agents, Hollywood sleazebags. And then, two days after my phone conversation with Perlman when he was about to deposit $500,000 in our account to get us started, it was all over the internet and the news that he was being sued for like 60 million dollars. He fled the country. (This was last February.) He got arrested last June in Indonesia, turned over to American authorities in Guam, and just got 25 years in prison a couple of weeks ago. Now, two years after we started this process, we finally secured the minimum we need to shoot. It’s not the $2,000,000, but it is our biggest film to date, and our best chance at making a hit.

I gave up my apartment by the beach in L.A. two years ago to move home, live with my parents, and raise this money. I never thought I’d go crazy in debt, have so many rollercoaster rides, and finally two years later get the chance to make the film Jon and I have planned for years. I thought it’d happen faster, but I guess with everything in life, good things come to those who wait. Perlman should’ve waited longer to scam those elderly people out of all that money, and maybe he would’ve only gotten 12 years.



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