Thank you for jetting with us

It would have been faster if I walked.I flew Jet Blue to come out here. Why? I wanted to be able to watch the Lakers/Celtics game if, by chance, it were on during my flying experience. Wait, sorry,… I mean… jetting experience. Jet Blue says, “Thank you for Jetting with us”. The best part of my “Jetting” experience was jetting on the runway for 3 1/2 hours before taking off. All in all the trip out East from LA was a good one. I am very excited to be making this movie so I didn’t mind spending some extra time on the runway. Hopefully we will be \One little added fact: I sat next to the mother of the new star of Adam Sandler’s next movie, Bedtime Stories. The odd thing is I taught him at at a performing arts camp in LA last Summer. His name is Jonathan Morgan Heit. He might be the most talent kid I’ve seen in a long time.



One response to “Thank you for jetting with us

  1. Hey Jon.

    I am Jonathan’s dad, also known as Jay.
    Check him out on the web page below.

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