Make a movie and live like we are in college

Our entire crew is living in a college dorm. OK, it’s technically a mansion, but Becker College in Worcester has turned a ton of beautiful mansions into dorms. These have got to be the nicest dorms I have ever seen. I’ve seen a lot of dorms because I worked in college admissions, I went to college, AND I used to be a Regional Manager for a summer camp company that ran computer camps at top universities. This dorm is no ordinary dorm. First of all, we have a midget bathtub. That’s right. AND, when I stepped on glass the other day, I just soaked my feet in the midget bathtub until my feet got soft enough and the glass came out. 2nd, in some of the rooms there are gnome closets. I’m not lying. Some people think they were contraptions to send things up the floors long ago, but I’m not buying that. There are naked gnome babies engraved above some of the fireplaces. That’s a hint. 3rd, we have a semi-professional baseball team living across the street from us, also in a Becker College dorm. The Worcester papperazzi won’t leave us alone. (That was a joke by the way) We have a parlor, two shower rooms, and our own RA named Christy. We get to make a movie and live like we are in college. This is so much fun!


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