Does anyone understand this?

Does anyone understand this:

A bunch of football players are about to get into a fight, and one of them calls someone else a “fairy.” Then when the one group walks away, someone yells “Yeah, I won’t clap for you, fairies!”

I don’t get it. Jon thinks people are gonna get this joke. Right now, if this gets posted, he’s gonna come into my office and say “Andrea, why are you giving away the movie in our blog?” But as the Producer, it’s seriously my job to make sure the humor all works, right? So, if any of you understand this fairy humor, you can let me know, because I don’t get it at all. I think it’s supposed to have something to do with Peter Pan. I was in Peter Pan. Granted it was years ago in a high school play, but I still have no idea why this is funny.



5 responses to “Does anyone understand this?

  1. i get the peter pan referance but….

    would a high school football player admit to knowing lines from a Peter Pan play?

    i would have to say a high school football player saying that line would be funnier then the line itself. especially if you had another kid ask him what the hell it means.

    there, you can compromise. leave the line but have sombody call him on it.

    then again, really does everyone have to get every joke?

    to quote joel hodgson. ” We don’t ask ourselves, will anyone get this?’ We tell each other, ‘the right people will get this.”

  2. Thanks for the comment. You are right – it is funny that the high school football player is referencing Peter Pan. I’ll make sure Jon reads your comment. Thanks again.

  3. glad to help…or make things worse?

    btw i sent an email to your art dept. email

  4. I totally get it! Peter pan and the fairies!! This is perfect! Jocks totally know stuff like this and say it to eachother!

  5. Rob Russ is the reincarnation of Anthony Michael Hall from his Breakfast Club days into another soon-to-be shot ’80’s charmer. Good Luck, Russ.

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