The rain didn’t come from the sky, it came from the side.

Kaz and Dave get wet in WorcesterWe watched the Laker game last night. Sorry, I call it “The Laker Game” because I am a Laker fan. At the 3rd period break we ran over to the Price Chopper to get some snacks. On the way back we were hit with a thunderstorm that produced rain falling sideways and up from the ground, it seemed at times. We were drenched. Mind you, we (Kaz the music producer and Dave the production manager) were all in flip flops running through the streets carrying groceries. Branches were falling, lighting was hitting trees, and we had all kinds of sh%# in our eyes, Anyway, all I could think… how great it is to be in New England making this movie. These are the times I will not forget. I love the rain. We don’t get much of it in LA so I sometimes I pay my neighbors to spray me with their hose.Kaz & Dave got hit by branches. They were lucky.


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