I must do what I think is best

I have some people, who may or may not unmistakably be from L.A., who are trying to tell me who I should or shouldn’t cast in this movie. As the director I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on what I want out of the roles, and as the writer I feel like I have a pretty good idea of what I was going for when i wrote them. The question is, should I cast the movie solely on what I believe is best, or should I make decisions that incorporate the market value of the person I am trying to cast? Personally, I think I have to take it all in to consideration, but what do you think? Casting is one of the biggest decisions in a film. It can make or break your movie.


3 responses to “I must do what I think is best

  1. thats an interesting question. I look at it from both sides. if i write with somebody in mind (or an idea of somebody) i don’t like to change that person.

    but, i can see the point of having somebody with “market value” if that person can pull off the role and is worth the money. especially if the person is about to (or is) “taking off”.

    I would guess having known names is good at festivals also.

    but, no matter what thier market value i would still have to LIKE them in the role.

    there are several other questions that factor into
    the answer also.

    did you audition these people?

    were the people giving the “advise” present at the auditions? (i would value thier opinions more if they were)

    are the people giving advise on your production team? (i would really value thier opinions more if they were)

    what do you really want to do? (yeah thats helpful)

    good luck in your pondering

  2. by now my opinion is dated and your decisions i am sere were already made…without having alot of experience in your position, i would still say relying on some basic premises can always fruitful. for instance when u go with what u believe in your heart, it is always better in any result. u never feel like “what if” i had gone with what i believed in, and if does work out, u end up having a stronger belief in your decision making in the end.

  3. i didn’t have my glasses on and incorrectly mispelled my namesake…

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