It was going to make my life easier. $%^*(#

So as we increase from film to film with regards to budget, we are able to have more help on each film. For instance, for this film I get to hire more people, pay a lot of them, have more Hollywood actors, etc. In the past, I always used Excel to do my budgeting and the shooting schedule. In fact, both the budget and the schedule for this film have been done with Excel. BUT, I decided that after 3 films I would splurge and buy actual software for budgeting and scheduling. For just $800.00, or something like that, the software arrived and Jon installed it on my computer. I have no clue how to use it. I cannot find a free tutorial online, and Dave just told me there’s a tutorial but you have to pay for it. WHAT? Does anyone else agree with me that if you spend that kind of money on software that is supposed to make your job easier, that the company (Entertainment Partners/Movie Magic) should offer a free tutorial that is easy to find online and easy to use? This is stupid. It’s easier to use my Excel spreadsheets. Now I have to spend tons of time I don’t have learning this software.


One response to “It was going to make my life easier. $%^*(#

  1. Don’t feel so bad. I’m sure that somewhere out there is a producer/accountant still cursing excel and missing his/her nominal ledger.

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