My Rap Video (Writer/Director Jon Artigo)

I’m not really one to toot my own horn, or… yank my own chain, or… spin my own bottle, but I am one of the better rappers when it comes to performance and lyrical genius. It’s just something I was thinking about on a Friday. If making movies doesn’t work out for me then I am going to take Nation 6 on the road. The only weird thing would be… if we do end up getting Justin Timberlake in our movie, he might be offended.


2 responses to “My Rap Video (Writer/Director Jon Artigo)

  1. “Mommy, please can we watch it again” echoes abrasively through the computer room of the Rossi household until…the synthetic rendition of Nation 6 raps our world. We cross our arms to you with fingers flared (in a good way), DJ Artigo).

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