Art Dept update & prop search

Inspriration for the Art Dept.For the Art Dept, 1982 has been fun to explore in terms of design – especially for residential homes. We have secured the private homes where we’ll be shooting and are now starting to convert their 21st century modern homes with their contemporary furniture and hardwood floors into early 80s floral print couches and high pile carpeted madness. In one home, the kitchen will enjoy a trip back in time to the late 70s with warm autumn colors of orange, yellow, and brown while in another home, the living room will showcase the trendier side of 1982 with mirrored end tables, overstuffed white leather furniture, and dusty pink and turquoise art work. Meanwhile, the hunt for period cars for the film pushes on as we continue to collect such vehicles as a 1979 El Camino and 1980 Nova. And now the holy grail of our prop search is an early 80s BMX bike for our main character – we welcome any leads on this one! To contact the Art Dept, email us at

Cristina Bauer, Art Director


One response to “Art Dept update & prop search

  1. try this guy he seems to like old bmx bikes he has a lot of ads posted looking to buy them.

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