Rob Russ

There was a local kid who auditioned for We Got The Beat. His name was Rob Russ. He was awesome. I wasn’t sure where exactly he fit in the movie, so in true AA FILMS fashion, Andrea and I decided to create a role for him. He’s super funny and he will stand out in the movie. I’m wondering what audiences will think about our cast. We have a good number of roles being cast out of Hollywood, but we are also casting the majority of supporting roles locally. What do people want to see? All known talent? A mixture? I love seeing new people on screen. It makes me feel like I am doing more than just making a movie, I’m also giving unknown talent a chance to do something they love.


25 responses to “Rob Russ

  1. Erica Courtney

    Rob is the sexiest human being I have ever seen. His dance moves are fabulous and he has the fiercest sense of style. I can’t wait to see him in your super sweet 80s movie!!!

  2. Robb Russ or Joey McIntyre?

  3. Robb Russ: TigerBeat heartthrob, summer ’08

  4. This is for all the single ladies in the house!!

  5. WOW….Rob was fantastic!!! He’s got talent!!! I can’t wait to see the movie.

  6. WOW I had a flashback to the 80’s, Rob is really cute and his comment about a random dance break had me cracking up. That smile of his at the end will have all the young girls panting! Great Job Rob!

  7. AWESOME!!!Cant wait for the movie, You’re a Star!!!

  8. Now we know where all the talent in our family went!! From your uncle in Texas!!! Good luck.

  9. Long lost Sheen brother makes it big in “We Got the Beat” breakout role. Yay!

  10. robb… i adore you…. this is awesome! love you darlin’!

  11. O my goodness this Rob guy is sooo good! He has a lot of talent…I am totally going to see this movie.

  12. Dude this Rob guy looks so awesome I’m totally bringing all my friends to seee this movie

  13. oh man, i’m so glad you’re writing a part for him!
    He’s totally an 80’s kid and will rock the roll! (haha, no pun intended)

  14. You go Rob,
    Congratulations. That was so rad. Keep this up and your going to be a really big star of Some kind soon.

    Your Aunt Sandy’s Debbie

  15. i love him. i hope he shows up a lot in the film!

  16. I feel famous for knowing you! All the best to you!!!

  17. Go my Roberta!!!!!!! Congrats and cant wait to see u in a movie!!! holy woah cant believe i lived with a star!!!!!!!

  18. Robb, you are hilarious and so freaking awesome! I can’t wait for the rest of the world to see how amazing you are!!

  19. Robb will be the next heartthrob of the summer.

  20. Way to go!!! I can say I knew you when!!! Goodluck and I’m looking forward to the movie!!!

  21. That was so awesome, Rob!! It’s your cuz Ashley. I wish you the BEST of luck!! Hope you get to meet Britney 🙂

  22. Rob is incredibly talented! He will make everyone laugh! I knew it was only a matter of time before he was discovered! I can’t wait to see you on the BIG screen Rob!

  23. Wendy, your adopted mom

    Rob, That was the cutest! Very nice appeal and quite animating. Just remember me when you make it big!

  24. WOW….I was surfing and found this site. I am excited about the movie. Robb Russ really has talent and is funny, I laughed out loud when he quoted “random dance move”….LOL. I will definitely check this movie out when it comes to the theaters.

  25. This man is a disgrace to my name. Kinda Funny though.

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