A chimpanzee firing an AK-47 from the back of a snowmobile

Arctic Chimp Bordello

What constitutes ‘gangster rap’ music.

I am the Production Manager of ‘We Got the Beat’ and while my job title may sound cool, I am basically mired in paperwork. To date I have been insanely busy hiring, organizing, and managing but with nothing very exciting to blog about. This week as I was filling out our application for Production Insurance I came across the following little tidbit.

Qualification Questions (check yes/no):
Any: Stunts, Pyrotechnics, Aircraft, Boats, Animals, Race Tracks, Race Courses, Helicopters, Motorbikes, Snowmobiles, Blanks, Squibs, Guns, Live Gangster Rap Music, Hard-Core/Soft-Core Porn?

That’s right: LIVE GANGSTER RAP MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They just slipped that one in there didn’t they. I thought about this for a moment and then realized that while there is a lot of rapping in the film gangster rap didn’t exist as a genre until the late 80’s. Bullet dodged. Still how could a live music performance put you in the same risk category as a film featuring a chimpanzee firing an AK-47 from the back of a snowmobile as he pursues a couple of rogue hookers (on motorbikes) across a minefield. Looks like I will have to rethink this scene for my ‘Arctic Chimp Bordello’ screenplay if I ever want to insure it.


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