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Sentinel and Enterprise July 31, 2008 (Press)

From the Sentinel and Enterprise:

Comedy set in the ’80s being shot at Doyle Field

By Dan Magazu

LEOMINSTER — An independent movie is being filmed at Doyle Field in Leominster, and the producer is looking for local residents to be in it.

“We want to pack the football stands on Monday,” producer Andrea Ajemian said Wednesday during a break from filming at Doyle Field. “We are shooting the big football scene in the movie and will be getting a lot of close-ups of the crowd.”

“We Got the Beat” is set in the early 1980s and tells the story of a top- recruited high school quarterback who quits football to start the first-ever boy band, Ajemian said.

“It’s a comedy starring Robert Hoffman and Michael Copon,” Ajemian said. “We’ve been shooting for about two-and-a-half weeks and we wrap up on Aug. 15.”

Music producer Kaz Gamble came up with the songs for the fictional boy band dubbed A New Condition.


Worcester Telegram & Gazette July 26, 2008 (Press)

From the Worcester Telegram & Gazette:

500 at Clark movie shoot
Crew is in Worcester filming new teen comedy

WORCESTER— Walking into Clark University’s Atwood Hall was like going through a time machine yesterday as 500 people with 1980s-style big hair and high-waisted Jordache jeans took part in the film “We Got the Beat.”

It’s the latest production by the dynamic duo of Jon Artigo and Andrea Ajemian, who made “Rutland, USA,” “Freedom Park” and the soon-to-be-released teen drama “Still Green.” Atwood Hall was the setting for “The Talent Show,” at which the lead character transitions from the hot-shot, high school quarterback to the leader of the “first-ever” boy band in 1982


Russian models, big birds, and money

Bleep. Bleep. I roll off the cushion and onto the floor. Another night spent on the couch. I couldn’t even make it up twenty steps and down the corridor to my room. I forgot to charge my cell phone because I fell asleep and will have to charge it at work in the AD’s room because I have only one outlet near my desk and my computer will die if not plugged in for five minutes.

I can only hope Andrea doesn’t need to send me any urgent text messages today. “Russian models, big birds, and money” and “Go home”, just another day at AA Films. Up late baking cupcakes again. I figured we needed a team moral booster, considering the stress level in the office has been at the orange mark all week. Nothing screams stress-free like a devils food cupcake with AA Films colored M&Ms on them.

Boyband arrived this week. I am happy to say, Ryan Pinkston’s mother and Andrea our planning our wedding. The anticipated meeting between Ryan and I involved him in rainbow suspenders and a belly shirt and me getting ready to audition a man, for what would later sound like a porn tape.

Anyway, Ryan is adorable, and I’m thinking this may work out, considering I am in constant communication with his mother. Speaking of communication, I have had the privilege of dealing with a certain phone company, for the past three weeks and have yet to fix the phone lines or the internet. But hey, I should be grateful, we now have two phone lines, oh wait, they’re all static!

Lesson of the day: How to send a package:
Step 1. Call a company to pick-up a package.
Step 2: Tell operator to pick this package up at specified address.
Step 3: Make sure someone will be there all day.
Step 4: Wait for the phone operator to say, “okay, someone will come by.”
Step 5: Confirm the address, number, and pick-up time with the operator.
Step 6: Make sure everything checks.
Step 7: Pick-up does not occur.
Step 8: Repeat Steps 1-6 with Step 7 as result.
Step 9: Repeat Steps 1-6 with Step 7 and 8 as result.
Step 10: Call a certain phone company to complain because clearly you can’t get through to the shipping company either and while the shipping company was having trouble processing your request the three times you made it, you were listening in on alien signals from the phone line, which still has yet to be fixed!

I think I will bake cupcakes again tomorrow as I find we are slowly moving into the red zone.

Kaz, a Slate, a Rice Cake, and Peanut Butter

This is how its done in Hollywoo.

You can dance if you want to!

What would a movie about the first boy band be without a Director that can dance. Watch Jon break it down, and see proof that breaks the myth “white boys can’t dance”.

Making Dreams Come True and more ROBB RUSS!!

This is what it’s about. On this day we had call backs for the local cast. We cast 8 local actors in speaking roles. Some of them are members of the Screen Actors Guild, and some of them are non-union with dreams of getting into the union and becoming professional actors. All of them will be paid SAG Modified Low Budget wages, and the non-union actors will become eligible to join the union from this film. I am someone who understands that opportunity so well.

I moved to L.A. in 1999 to pursue an acting career. It took me a few years to get into the union out there. I have always wanted to give opportunities to talented people from where I grew up, Worcester, and Massachusetts in general. This day was awesome. The people we cast were excited, appreciative, and ready to work. To Jon and I, it’s about talent, attitude, and personality. We have a lot we are trying to achieve with this film, and everyone who is a part of it from the cast to the crew to the volunteers, are all going to help make it all it can be. Call me cheesy, but dreams do come true. My eyes are sore from being so tired, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. This is wicked mint!

Uncle John had a heart attack

I know that these blogs are supposed to be entertaining and teach people something about making an independent film. This might be a bit more serious of a blog, but I have to write what I’m feeling. Two days ago, my Uncle John had a heart attack. Heart disease runs in my family. My grandfather died of a heart attack. One of my uncles died of a heart attack. My dad was having heart problems two years ago. He went to the doctor and they did a bunch of tests, including a stress test. He passed all of them. Because of his family history, they did some type of a dye test, where they put dye in your heart and they can tell if there are blocked arteries. Sure enough, my dad had two arteries that were seriously blocked, and they put in two stents. Since then, he’s been fine. So, Uncle John has always been expecting to have heart problems. He’s only 51 years old, works out, plays softball, and is in great shape. The last few months he hasn’t been feeling great. Two weeks ago, he went to the doctor’s office and told him that he’s been having chest pains. They kept him overnight for tests. He passed them all, including the stress test. He requested the dye test, but was told “no,” that it was too invasive, that they were 99% sure he wouldn’t have a heart attack in the next five years. Two weeks later, he had a heart attack.

I realize horrible things happen everyday, but it kills me that this could have been prevented. So, of course they go in and find out that one of his main arteries was 95% blocked and they put in a stent. (They could have done this two weeks ago.) Now his heart is fine, but he has brain damage. Last night, we weren’t sure if he was going to live, and if he did live, if he’d ever leave the hospital bed. Today he said “Hi Julie” to his wife. So, my family has hope. There’s hope he’ll recover. And even if he can’t ever work again, or play softball, if he can walk and talk, and know who we all are, than we’ll get him back. So, I’ll keep praying and hoping and sending my positive thoughts his way. What does this have to do with making a film you might ask? Nothing. But, we start shooting in a week. The actors arrive tomorrow. I’ve worked for 7 years to get to this point, and for 2 years full-time on raising money for “We Got the Beat,” yet right now, nothing matters but my Uncle John being ok. I have a great crew. We’ll get things done. Somehow the movie seems a lot easier today than it did last week.

Somehow, getting insurance, and renting UHalls, and giving actors per diems doesn’t really stress me out right now. I wish we had a different health care system. I wish we practiced preventative medicine more frequently. I wish doctors listened to their patients and were always thorough. Making a movie – yeah, it’s hard work. It takes a lot of people, a lot of love, a lot of time, and a lot of energy, but it’s not that important today. Today I’m hoping for a miracle.