“POST PRODUCTION” by the PRODUCER – Andrea Ajemian

I feel like my life has just been a blur since May.  Once we secured funding for “We Got the Beat,” (something I worked towards for two full years), everything happened so quickly.  From hiring the crew, to casting the film, to securing locations,  we finally got to that first day of the shoot.  That’s the day it all comes together and the magic happens.  Of course, at the time, my mind was spinning.  My uncle had a massive heart attack just a week earlier and we didn’t think he’d make it.  The day prior to production beginning, one of our main cast members dislocated his knee cap (he just happens to be the main breakdancer in the boyband), and one of my grips got into a car accident, in the rented Budget truck, on that lovely first day of production.

My family, who has lost many members of it at far too young, finally got our miracle.  My Uncle John not only survived, but after being told he’d have severe brain damage, is almost 100% now.  Sure, he gets upset if he can’t remember certain things about his past, but he looks healthy, knows everyone, is back to work, and is smiling like he always has.  Mr. Breakdancer came through and although he was told he wouldn’t be dancing for 3 months (keep in mind he was told this the day before he had 2 weeks to shoot his scenes), he somehow moves like Gumby in the film, and does things with his body that I couldn’t dream of doing with two healthy knees.  Oh yeah, and nobody got hurt during the Budget truck accident – thank God!  There were some minor damages, but luckily $7000 in insurance covered the $1000 in damages.  Hmm.  Now that I write that it doesn’t sound like such a great deal.  Ha. (I’m exaggerating on the $7000 of course, but it was pretty close.)

Once production ended, it was sad.  We had over 40 cast members, hundreds of extras (many of them like part of the crew, with us every day), and a crew with volunteers totaling around 40.  I loved all the people around.  Having such a high concentration of talent all working towards a common goal is a beautiful thing.  Everyone worked together and helped to make everyone else that much better at their jobs.  Production ended and people cleared out – went back to L.A. or New York, off to other jobs, back to school.  Kaz, Dave, and I remained in the production office in Worcester, with an office full of so much stuff it drove me crazy.  First thing I did was to have some Production Assistants come in and help clean the place.  That got rid of about 1/8 of the clutter.  Then I donated about 30 bags of 80’s clothes to the Salvation Army, redesigned the reception area of the office with some vintage couches from the film, and slept, for about 3 days straight.

For the last three months, it’s been all about editing.  We now have a solid cut of the film which we’ll be testing with audiences during the next couple of weeks.  Jon and I will review all the feedback and make final decisions on the cut at the end of December.  January and February will be for the audio mix, color correction, and music!  (Kaz has already written and produced over 15 songs currently in the film, but we need more.)

The best news is that the movie is hysterical.  It looks great and it’s funny.  Now it’s my job to sell it and make sure it gets out there so everyone can see it.  No pressure, right?


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