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Kurt Fuller to appear in new ABC sitcom “Better With You”

Hey Boybanders. Check out the new sneak peek of Kurt Fuller’s (Earl Roberts from BoyBand) new sitcom to air this fall on ABC. We are all hoping it’s a huge success, and we know it will be with veteran actor Kurt Fuller on board. The cast looks good and Kurt plays opposite Debra Jo Rupp, better known as the mom from “That 70s Show”. The mom from that 70s show plus the dad from that 80s movie (BoyBand) sounds like a winning combination!

Click here to read review and watch clip from the show

Desperately awaiting BoyBand in Germany

Hey Everyone,

Check out our new favorite blogger, Gila, from Hamburg, Germany. She’s a big Robert Hoffman fan, and posted a blog about BoyBand on her site. Please check it out, and say hi to our friend over Germany. Thanks for the post Gila! We’ll be sure to look you up when “A New Condition” tours Germany on a double bill with David Hasselhoff.

Click Here to read Gila’s blog!

Watch the BoyBand trailer with German subtitles!

BoyBand College Tour

BoyBand has started contacting colleges for its Fall BoyBand College Tour. After contacting many colleges, what we have heard more often than not is that in order to come to campus, the students need to want it. This means that students need to contact their Student Activities offices, or their Campus Activities Board and work with them to bring BoyBand to their college. So if you’re a college student, or an alumni and want BoyBand to come to your school, we need you to contact your school and let them know that YOU want BoyBand to come. We won’t be able to do this without you!

The Mumblah Bonus Footage

Need a good laugh? Check out this bonus footage of The Mumblah! Watch it, laugh, then leave a comment on youtube or on here (or both!) letting others know which part is your favorite? For example, my personal favorite is at 1:07. Don’t forget to share the video with all your friends!

Exclusive Robert Hoffman Footage

Check out Robert Hoffman’s exclusive BoyBand video on youtube. It has scenes from the movie and never before seen outtakes! Watch the video, like the video, leave a comment then share it with all your friends and encourage them to do the same!

BoyBand Cast Blowing Up!

Congrats to the cast of BoyBand who are all getting so much work. Here’s some updates:
Michael Copon – just returned from guest starring on the new CBS series “Hawaii Five-O,” which shoots in Hawaii
Robert Hoffman – look for him in the upcoming Universal film “Kids in America” with Topher Grace and Anna Faris
Ryan Hansen – he’s playing the main character in the upcoming NBC series “Friends with Benefits”
Ryan Pinkston – he’s a series regular in The Cartoon Network’s upcoming “Tower Prep,” a live action series
Laura Breckenridge – just guest starred on the Lifetime series “Drop Dead Diva” alongside Cybill Shepherd.
Rachel Specter – look for her as Lisa Hammond in the upcoming Adam Sandler/Jennifer Aniston film “Just Go With It”
Brendan Miller – one of the principal cast in Todd Phillips (The Hangover) top secret new comedy “Project X”
Ming Na – plays Camile Wray, a series regular, on Sci Fi’s series “SGU Stargate Universe”
Kurt Fuller – just cast in Woody Allen’s new film “Midnight in Paris” alongside Adrien Brody and Rachel McAdams
Richard Riehle – he’s filming his role in the upcoming “A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas.”

With this cast, the music, and the wacky humor, BoyBand’s future is looking “wicked awesome.” Congrats to everyone.

BoyBand at Woods Hole Film Festival!

This past weekend BoyBand screened as the closing night film at the Woods Hole Film Festival in Massachusetts to a packed house with lots of laughs and great energy! After the show there was an 80s themed after party in which the room was just as packed as the theater, with everyone wearing 80s clothes. The highlight was the BoyBand super fan who showed up with some sort of contraption on his chest which played the BoyBand soundtrack. Impressive.

BoyBand Woods Hole Festival Premiere

This coming Saturday, (August 7th) BoyBand will be playing at 7:00pm at the Woods Hole Film Festival in Woods Hole, MA. We want to pack the house and show everyone that BoyBand is not only just an amazing comedy with amazing music but is also an event film as well. If you are in the area this Saturday we would love to have you come to Woods Hole before the film dressed in your BoyBand gear or 80s clothes to help promote. Following the 7pm showing of BoyBand there will be an 80s themed party DJ’d by the BoyBand music producer Kaz Gamble.