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I’m dating someone new. Her name is air conditioner. I think she’s French

The air conditioner was mixed and working all day. That is most certainly a highlight. Yizzay for that. The other highlight would be the incredible people I am working with. Andrea (The producer) and Dave (The Production Manager) have found an incredible group of people to work on this movie. I will mention them all at some point, but here are two that have really hit the ground running. Alecia Jean Orsini and Christina Bauer head up our production design team. In a word, they are “incredible”. I am blown away by their organizational skills, their welcoming personalities and their creative insight. I couldn’t ask for a better production design team. They are the best. It is so great to be here in New England working on this movie with such an amazing group of people.

Oh hey- look… a heat wave. Yay!

I had no sleep my first night here because it was just too hot. I don’t know why, but I find it difficult to fall asleep when my body is sticky and moist like a freshly birthed alien child from Aliens. The air conditioning wasn’t working in the office either, so I spent most of the day in slow motion. It’s hard to do things, let alone think, when heat is walking around slapping you in the face all day. We did get a lot done, but I don’t know if I can handle it if we don’t get that air conditioner in the office fixed.