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Party Down (like it’s 1982)

Check out Tommy O’Malley, err, Ryan Hansen in the hilarious Starz comedy Party Down. This is one of the best comedies on television right now people! You have got less than a month to catch up on the first season before the season 2 premiere on Starz. Don’t have Starz? The episodes are all available on netflix streaming. Get to watching. You love Ryan as the pop-rocker. Now watch him cater-waiter.

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Rob Russ

There was a local kid who auditioned for We Got The Beat. His name was Rob Russ. He was awesome. I wasn’t sure where exactly he fit in the movie, so in true AA FILMS fashion, Andrea and I decided to create a role for him. He’s super funny and he will stand out in the movie. I’m wondering what audiences will think about our cast. We have a good number of roles being cast out of Hollywood, but we are also casting the majority of supporting roles locally. What do people want to see? All known talent? A mixture? I love seeing new people on screen. It makes me feel like I am doing more than just making a movie, I’m also giving unknown talent a chance to do something they love.

I must do what I think is best

I have some people, who may or may not unmistakably be from L.A., who are trying to tell me who I should or shouldn’t cast in this movie. As the director I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on what I want out of the roles, and as the writer I feel like I have a pretty good idea of what I was going for when i wrote them. The question is, should I cast the movie solely on what I believe is best, or should I make decisions that incorporate the market value of the person I am trying to cast? Personally, I think I have to take it all in to consideration, but what do you think? Casting is one of the biggest decisions in a film. It can make or break your movie.