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I do not need caffeine. I am not supposed to have caffeine. I have really dry eyes, and dry skin, and am always thirsty. I’m usually pretty energetic too. Lately I’ve been drinking coffee. Andrea and coffee equals complete spaz. Yesterday in the office, I was so silly. I can’t wait until the first day of the shoot. I can’t wait. I’m freaking out I’m so excited. I get emotional just thinking about what I’ll say to everyone on set on that first day. This process has been tough, but that first day, with all the people, and all the equipment, that’s when it is all worth it. Until then, I’ll drink my coffee and practice old cheerleading moves in the office while I work on the budget.

Can anyone find early 80’s uniforms??!

Yes, it’s very fun making a film set in the 1980’s, but it’s also very difficult. For instance, gone are the days where I can send out my Director of Photography and a couple of P.A.s to shoot an actor riding his bike down the street. Now I have to get the street closed off, have police detail, and find 70/80’s cars to line the streets. Ugh. Thank God I have great people on my team to make these things happen. Here’s the biggest problem right now – cheerleading and football uniforms from the early 80’s to become the Worcester High uniforms. We’d like them to be blue and yellow, but we are open to other colors providing the styles are right. We cannot find them anywhere. This week we have to make a final decision on the mascot (example: The Worcester High Rockets, The Worcester High Grinders) I’m pretty sure that the Art Dept. and Jon have decided, but if we find uniforms that say “Warriors” on them and we can have them for free, we’ll be the Worcester High Warriors. A challenge to you – we’ll give a special thanks credit at the end of the film to anyone who can find early 80’s uniforms for us that work for Worcester High. Any thoughts?