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BoyBand College Tour

BoyBand has started contacting colleges for its Fall BoyBand College Tour. After contacting many colleges, what we have heard more often than not is that in order to come to campus, the students need to want it. This means that students need to contact their Student Activities offices, or their Campus Activities Board and work with them to bring BoyBand to their college. So if you’re a college student, or an alumni and want BoyBand to come to your school, we need you to contact your school and let them know that YOU want BoyBand to come. We won’t be able to do this without you!

Ryan Pinkston all up in the “COLLEGE” trailer like BAM.

Ryan Pinkston (plays Greg in We Got the Beat) is all up the the trailer for COLLEGE.  (He’s the first guy talking.)

Private email from our production manager.

From: David Weston
Date: September 6, 2008 3:13:19 PM EDT
To: Andrea Ajemian, Jon Artigo
Subject: Re: imdb page

By the way guys, if you want to get really excited about WGTB’s chances of being a blockbuster, consider this past week’s box office and dvd rentals:

Weekend Box Office:
#4 The House Bunny (Rachel Specter)
#15 College (Ryan Pinkston)

DVD Rentals
#5 (for the 2nd week in a row) The Scorpion King 2 (Michael Copon)
#22 Step Up 2 (Robert Hoffman)
#38 Superhero Movie (Ryan Hansen)

Worcester Magazine Sept 10, 2008 (PRESS)