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Jon Artigo develops curriculum for ID Tech Camps

Hey All – check out the nice article on Director Jon Artigo discussing not only the new editing curriculum that Jon developed for ID Tech Camps, but the relationship Jon and Andrea have had with ID Tech camps over the years. It just goes to show how much Jon and Andrea have been giving back for so long. It’s really inspiring.

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Party Down (like it’s 1982)

Check out Tommy O’Malley, err, Ryan Hansen in the hilarious Starz comedy Party Down. This is one of the best comedies on television right now people! You have got less than a month to catch up on the first season before the season 2 premiere on Starz. Don’t have Starz? The episodes are all available on netflix streaming. Get to watching. You love Ryan as the pop-rocker. Now watch him cater-waiter.

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Orange Ocean CD release party.

Worcester felt like NYC or downtown LA this past weekend when I mc’d the Orange Ocean CD release party on the top floor of an office building. They had guest list girls, a huge security guard, a DJ, a diverse fun crowd, and duck yao.

I was introducing the director to the ORANGE OCEAN – my favorite Worcester band. They are amazing and I hope to get their music into the soundtrack somehow. Opening acts included Baker and Afro DZ Ak.

Hooray for HOLLYWOO

If you take all the D’s out of Hollywood you have HOLLYWOO – aka “The Woo” aka Worcester MASS – a much better place to go sledding, eat apples, raise a family, or make a teen comedy about the world’s first ever boyband than the crowded highway known as Lost Angeles. You’ve heard it before and I’ll say it again – Hollwoo is the new filmmaking capital of the world.*

REPLACED & UPGRADED: Melrose & Vine has been replaced by Portland & Myrtle, Echo park by Elm park, the Griffith Observatory by Bancroft Tower, sunset strip by the canal district & the pacific ocean by Lake Quinsigamond. (leave more replacements in the comments)

Worcester, Massachusetts is the new Hollywood.

*if your world is central massachusetts