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BoyBand is +2 in Woo-Town Index!

Woo-Town Index

Spotted in the Woo-Town Index portion of the Worcester Magazine:

Local Movie by AA Films,
“Boyband,” gets set to premiere next week. Rumor has it the Hollywood actors may get to mingle with Worcester Mag staff. +2


Hooray for HOLLYWOO

If you take all the D’s out of Hollywood you have HOLLYWOO – aka “The Woo” aka Worcester MASS – a much better place to go sledding, eat apples, raise a family, or make a teen comedy about the world’s first ever boyband than the crowded highway known as Lost Angeles. You’ve heard it before and I’ll say it again – Hollwoo is the new filmmaking capital of the world.*

REPLACED & UPGRADED: Melrose & Vine has been replaced by Portland & Myrtle, Echo park by Elm park, the Griffith Observatory by Bancroft Tower, sunset strip by the canal district & the pacific ocean by Lake Quinsigamond. (leave more replacements in the comments)

Worcester, Massachusetts is the new Hollywood.

*if your world is central massachusetts