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Lakers win!!!

I know. This is hard for me. I want the Celtics to win because there are many people I love out here in MA that want them to win, and quite frankly, their lively hood seams to depend on it, but I am a Lakers fan. I want them to beat the Celtics down to a tiny bubble of a team. The Celtics do seem to be a stronger team though. Remember Celtic fans… what ever victories you get, you are getting them against a Laker team that is missing one of their big three, Andrew Bynum. Imagine having the Celtics play without Pierce, Allen, or Garnet, although… many would argue that Garnet hasn’t really been there anyway.



EAST VS WESTPaul Pierce is a hero, and Kobe Bryant should buy his wife another giant ring. I love Jon. He’s a brilliant director, but why does he have to be a Lakers fan? He flew in to Boston on the night of game 2 in the Celtics/Lakers series, so we watched it together. My father said he needed to apologize to Paul for calling him a baby, in order to be allowed in their basement to watch the game on their giant TV. Jon didn’t apologize, but I guess he got away with it because my parents feel bad that I’ve been such a loser for two year, bumming off them and living at home trying to raise the money for the film. If Jon’s upset over the Celts beating the Lakers, it could throw off his humor and we could fail miserably at making our film and both end up working at video stores…if they existed anymore. So, my parents probably decided they had to let him in the basement, for the good of my future. If Kobe is such a great guy, why didn’t he step up to finance the film? Huh Jon???


Thank you for jetting with us

It would have been faster if I walked.I flew Jet Blue to come out here. Why? I wanted to be able to watch the Lakers/Celtics game if, by chance, it were on during my flying experience. Wait, sorry,… I mean… jetting experience. Jet Blue says, “Thank you for Jetting with us”. The best part of my “Jetting” experience was jetting on the runway for 3 1/2 hours before taking off. All in all the trip out East from LA was a good one. I am very excited to be making this movie so I didn’t mind spending some extra time on the runway. Hopefully we will be \One little added fact: I sat next to the mother of the new star of Adam Sandler’s next movie, Bedtime Stories. The odd thing is I taught him at at a performing arts camp in LA last Summer. His name is Jonathan Morgan Heit. He might be the most talent kid I’ve seen in a long time.