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Amazing day for New England sports fans thanks to Jon & Andrea.

The Boston Celtics won their first championship last night since the 80s. Even though the trades for KG and Ray Allen were factors, another big reason is that Jon Artigo and Andrea Ajemian are doing a movie here in Massachusetts.

Every time Jon & Andrea make a film in the area – another New England sports franchise wins their first championship ever or first in many many years.

Check it out:

“RUTLAND, USA” >>> NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS (1st Super Bowl win ever)

“FREEDOM PARK” >>> RED SOX (1st World Series in 86 years)

“WE GOT THE BEAT” >>> CELTICS (1st since 86)

Are the BRUINS NEXT???


I’m dating someone new. Her name is air conditioner. I think she’s French

The air conditioner was mixed and working all day. That is most certainly a highlight. Yizzay for that. The other highlight would be the incredible people I am working with. Andrea (The producer) and Dave (The Production Manager) have found an incredible group of people to work on this movie. I will mention them all at some point, but here are two that have really hit the ground running. Alecia Jean Orsini and Christina Bauer head up our production design team. In a word, they are “incredible”. I am blown away by their organizational skills, their welcoming personalities and their creative insight. I couldn’t ask for a better production design team. They are the best. It is so great to be here in New England working on this movie with such an amazing group of people.