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BoyBand Cast Blowing Up!

Congrats to the cast of BoyBand who are all getting so much work. Here’s some updates:
Michael Copon – just returned from guest starring on the new CBS series “Hawaii Five-O,” which shoots in Hawaii
Robert Hoffman – look for him in the upcoming Universal film “Kids in America” with Topher Grace and Anna Faris
Ryan Hansen – he’s playing the main character in the upcoming NBC series “Friends with Benefits”
Ryan Pinkston – he’s a series regular in The Cartoon Network’s upcoming “Tower Prep,” a live action series
Laura Breckenridge – just guest starred on the Lifetime series “Drop Dead Diva” alongside Cybill Shepherd.
Rachel Specter – look for her as Lisa Hammond in the upcoming Adam Sandler/Jennifer Aniston film “Just Go With It”
Brendan Miller – one of the principal cast in Todd Phillips (The Hangover) top secret new comedy “Project X”
Ming Na – plays Camile Wray, a series regular, on Sci Fi’s series “SGU Stargate Universe”
Kurt Fuller – just cast in Woody Allen’s new film “Midnight in Paris” alongside Adrien Brody and Rachel McAdams
Richard Riehle – he’s filming his role in the upcoming “A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas.”

With this cast, the music, and the wacky humor, BoyBand’s future is looking “wicked awesome.” Congrats to everyone.


I love that our lead actor is all over the internet today on literally every entertainment website.  If Michael Copon gets this role in “New Moon,” the sequel to “Twilight,” that would be huge for “We Got the Beat.”  When you cast a film, you cast it based on talent, looks, personality, work ethic, and a general feeling you have about the person.  You hope you are casting people that other directors and producers want to cast.  You hope they get cast in big projects.  You hope they become house hold names.  It’s been a few exciting weeks for our cast.  The trailer for “Friday the 13th” came out.  It’s the remake by Michael Bay and will be out in February.  Ryan Hansen from “We Got the Beat” plays a big role in the film and is in the trailer.  Rachel Specter (Pamela from our movie) recently shot “My One and Only” starring Kevin Bacon and Renee Zellweger.  Rachel apparently plays Kevin Bacon’s character’s mistress.   Ryan Pinkston (Greg in “We Got the Beat”) just guest starred in the new “Hannah Montana” episode, where he went on a date with Miley Cyrus’ character.  Laura Breckenridge’s big news is that she’s been cast as the new hot, young teacher on “Gossip Girl.”  Laura plays Samantha Hughes in our film.  And, of course, the internet is buzzing about whether Michael Copon is going to get the role of Jacob Black in “New Moon,” or not.  I for one think it’s a no brainer.  Of course he should get it.  He’s older than Taylor.  He’s taller.  He’s hotter.  He’s more love interest leading man type.  But…then again, I guess I’m just a little biased.  Jon and I have always loved the casting process.  When we hired Mary Vernieu to cast our film (Scary Movie, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Cruel Intentions), we knew that she was known for breaking young talent.  We trusted her on that.  The funny thing is that Hillary Cohen, our 1st A.D., is the person who actually found Copon before we ever hired Mary.  Mary confirmed that Hillary was right on regarding Michael being perfect for the role of Brad Roberts.  Now let’s hope the director of “New Moon” thinks he’s perfect for Jacob Black.

Ryan Pinkston all up in the “COLLEGE” trailer like BAM.

Ryan Pinkston (plays Greg in We Got the Beat) is all up the the trailer for COLLEGE.  (He’s the first guy talking.)

Private email from our production manager.

From: David Weston
Date: September 6, 2008 3:13:19 PM EDT
To: Andrea Ajemian, Jon Artigo
Subject: Re: imdb page

By the way guys, if you want to get really excited about WGTB’s chances of being a blockbuster, consider this past week’s box office and dvd rentals:

Weekend Box Office:
#4 The House Bunny (Rachel Specter)
#15 College (Ryan Pinkston)

DVD Rentals
#5 (for the 2nd week in a row) The Scorpion King 2 (Michael Copon)
#22 Step Up 2 (Robert Hoffman)
#38 Superhero Movie (Ryan Hansen)

Worcester Magazine Sept 10, 2008 (PRESS)

Russian models, big birds, and money

Bleep. Bleep. I roll off the cushion and onto the floor. Another night spent on the couch. I couldn’t even make it up twenty steps and down the corridor to my room. I forgot to charge my cell phone because I fell asleep and will have to charge it at work in the AD’s room because I have only one outlet near my desk and my computer will die if not plugged in for five minutes.

I can only hope Andrea doesn’t need to send me any urgent text messages today. “Russian models, big birds, and money” and “Go home”, just another day at AA Films. Up late baking cupcakes again. I figured we needed a team moral booster, considering the stress level in the office has been at the orange mark all week. Nothing screams stress-free like a devils food cupcake with AA Films colored M&Ms on them.

Boyband arrived this week. I am happy to say, Ryan Pinkston’s mother and Andrea our planning our wedding. The anticipated meeting between Ryan and I involved him in rainbow suspenders and a belly shirt and me getting ready to audition a man, for what would later sound like a porn tape.

Anyway, Ryan is adorable, and I’m thinking this may work out, considering I am in constant communication with his mother. Speaking of communication, I have had the privilege of dealing with a certain phone company, for the past three weeks and have yet to fix the phone lines or the internet. But hey, I should be grateful, we now have two phone lines, oh wait, they’re all static!

Lesson of the day: How to send a package:
Step 1. Call a company to pick-up a package.
Step 2: Tell operator to pick this package up at specified address.
Step 3: Make sure someone will be there all day.
Step 4: Wait for the phone operator to say, “okay, someone will come by.”
Step 5: Confirm the address, number, and pick-up time with the operator.
Step 6: Make sure everything checks.
Step 7: Pick-up does not occur.
Step 8: Repeat Steps 1-6 with Step 7 as result.
Step 9: Repeat Steps 1-6 with Step 7 and 8 as result.
Step 10: Call a certain phone company to complain because clearly you can’t get through to the shipping company either and while the shipping company was having trouble processing your request the three times you made it, you were listening in on alien signals from the phone line, which still has yet to be fixed!

I think I will bake cupcakes again tomorrow as I find we are slowly moving into the red zone.