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The Sentinel and Enterprise loves BoyBand

June 4 marks premiere for local independent movie

June 4 marks premiere for local independent movie
By Dan Magazu

LEOMINSTER–Residents who packed the stands at Doyle Field during the summer of 2008 for the filming of an independent movie will have a chance to see themselves on the big screen when it premieres in Worcester next week.

“There are a few different football scenes in the film and each one has a lot of crowd shots and close-ups,” said Andrea Ajemian, producer of the film “BoyBand: Breakin’ Through in ’82.” “A lot of the people who were in the stands during filming will appear in the movie.”

The film is scheduled to open to the public on Friday, June 4 at Showcase Cinema in Worcester, where it will run for one week. Originally called “We Got The Beat,” the film was shot entirely in Worcester County over the course of five weeks during the summer of 2008.

“It took us a year and a half to cut the movie down from three hours to an hour and a half,” Ajemian said. “I’m extremely happy with the final cut. We did a lot of test screening to figure out which scenes to keep and which to cut out.”

The movie is a commercial teen comedy set in 1982 about a high-school quarterback who qui9ts the team to turn his heavy-metal band into the first-ever boy band.

The film is being self-distributed in select theaters in Massachusetts and Ajemian hopes to create a national buzz. She said the movie differs form typical arthouse indie films, because it’s a wacky teen comedy with commercial appeal.

The writer and director of the film is Jon Artigo, whose other films include “Rutland, USA” and “Freedom Park.”

The film features 11 actors and actresses who have appeared in various television shows and movies.

The star of the film is Michael Copon, 27, who has appeared in “One Tree Hill,” “Beyond the Break” and “Reno 911.

“Michael will be at Friday’s opening,” Ajemian said.

Ajemian is a producer and partner with Artigo Ajemian Films, based in Worcester. The group’s first film had just a $4,000 budget, but “BoyBand: Breakin’ Through in ’82” cost $750,000 to make.

“We’ve come a long way,” Ajemian said. “We always promote Central Massachusetts in our work.”

The film isn’t yet rated, but filmmakers anticipate a PG-13 rating for language and sexual references.

There will be three showings on Friday. For more information, visit http://www.boybandmovie.com

An after-party open to the public will be held at Gilrein’s, located at 802 Main St., Worcester, following Friday’s opening. Doors open at 9 p.m. and there is a $7 cover charge.

BoyBand to Open in Theaters!

Hey everyone! BoyBand is beginning it’s theatrical run in New England with two major theaters! Here are some dates to put on your calendar. Keep checking the blog for updates and become a fan of BoyBand: the Movie on Facebook.

Wednesday, June 2nd, from 6-8pm, BoyBand’s 80’s rollerskating party at Skylight Roller Rink at 648 Park Ave. We’re wearing 80’s clothes! You should too…but you don’t have to.

Thursday, June 3rd, cast/crew premiere – invite only

Friday, June 4th – Public Opening of BoyBand at Showcase Cinema North in Worcester. (Showtimes to come!) Q&A with stars Michael Copon, E-Knock, Lorenzo Hooker III, Writer/Director Jon Artigo, Producer Andrea Ajemian, and Music Producer Kaz Gamble to follow the 7pm and 9pm screenings. (check your local listings for exact screening times)

Friday, June 4th – After party at Gilrein’s, 802 Main Street, Worcester, 9pm-2am. There will be a cover.

Sat, June 5th – Q&A with Director/Producer/Music Producer after 7pm screening at Showcase Cinema North

Showcase Cinema North Worcester run from 6/4/10 – 6/10/10 – additional weeks may be added

Friday, June 11th – BoyBand opens at Showcase Cinema in Revere, MA – everyone come out and show some love for the opening in Revere – Q&A with stars E-Knock, Lorenzo Hooker III (from Status Quo), and Producer Andrea Ajemian after 7pm screening.

Showcase Cinema Revere Run fro 6/11/10 – 6/17/10 – additional weeks may be added

Check your local movie listings for exact screening times. Tickets can be purchased in advance.
More news to come. See you at the movies!
-Andrea (Producer)

Jon Artigo develops curriculum for ID Tech Camps

Hey All – check out the nice article on Director Jon Artigo discussing not only the new editing curriculum that Jon developed for ID Tech Camps, but the relationship Jon and Andrea have had with ID Tech camps over the years. It just goes to show how much Jon and Andrea have been giving back for so long. It’s really inspiring.

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Party Down (like it’s 1982)

Check out Tommy O’Malley, err, Ryan Hansen in the hilarious Starz comedy Party Down. This is one of the best comedies on television right now people! You have got less than a month to catch up on the first season before the season 2 premiere on Starz. Don’t have Starz? The episodes are all available on netflix streaming. Get to watching. You love Ryan as the pop-rocker. Now watch him cater-waiter.

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Producer Andrea Ajemian speaks at Society of Professional Communicators

BoyBand’s tireless producer, Andrea Ajemian, takes a break from her Holly-woo lifestyle to speak at the Society of Professional Communicators on Tuesday February 9th. So come check her out if you want to get educated. She will speak about promoting Central, Massachusetts through film and video and her experience producing four feature films during the last eight years. That’s right, she’s produced 3 more feature films in the last 8 years than James Cameron!

Click Here for more details!

Boybands are Back!

The movie is complete. We just screened it for distributors in Los Angeles, right before Sundance. They all requested DVD screeners. Now they are at Sundance watching all the art house indie films and thinking to themselves “Hmm. These films are kind of slow. They are very serious. What we need is a wacky comedy! What we need is something that can make money! What we need is…..a movie set in the 80’s about the first ever boyband. Yes, that’s it. That’s what we need. And guess what? There just happens to be a really great one called “BoyBand” we saw last week, just before coming to watch all these dreary, slow art house dramas. In fact, now that I think about it, those songs are stuck in my head.” – multiple distributors at Sundance (possible interior monologue on a daily basis while freezing and getting coffee after yet another unmarketable indie drama).

Well, we put the energy out there people, and guess what? Boybands are back! I’m thinking that due to all of our fans’ energy in the universe, supporting our film BoyBand, all these boyband projects started taking off. Nickelodeon just launched a new series about…guess what? – a current day boyband made up of former hockey players (sounds familiar…our story has a football player). Their show is geared towards kids under 12. The pilot premiered to 2.5 million viewers. That’s great for us. It shows current interest in boybands. Most importantly, all the moms are watching it thinking to themselves, “This is great, but I wish it was set in the 80’s and PG-13.” Guess what mom, we’re coming soon! Also, Simon Fuller (creator of American Idol) and Perez Hilton (genius pop blogger) just announced plans for a new reality show called…guess what? – Boy Band, (hmm, sounds familiar) about this generation’s search for the next big boyband. Clearly, our director and music producer need to be guest judges on that show people. Clearly a smart distributor would be advertising our film during commercials for that show. Obviously the stars are aligning and it’s not just us who were missing the boyband craze and knew it’d come back. It’s just boyband destiny people! Ha. So, now we just need a smart distributor to recognize that: – a)boybands are back and relevant, b) our film is fresh, marketable, and FUNNY, and c) it can make tons of money if marketed right. Just check out the website: http://www.boybandmovie.com, and it’s pretty clear who our audience is – TEENAGERS who spend their part-time job, hard earned money going to the movie theater on the weekends. They want to laugh. They want catchy pop songs. They want cute young actors. They want “BoyBand.” It’s our time people! “OMG! Brad Roberts is so dreamy.” (Future high school girls tweeting after seeing BoyBand).

On a serious note, I’m trying to go see a movie tonight. I want to laugh. I already saw “It’s Complicated,” and I’m searching through the theater listings, and the theaters just need BoyBand. It’s that simple. Hello? Where are all the funny movies? Funny movies make money people. Boybands are funny. They dance in the rain with no shirts on! Where’s the popcorn? Gonna go drive around and listen to my “A New Condition” CD. “Legion” doesn’t sound funny. “The Lovely Bones” doesn’t sound funny. Hmm. “The Book of Eli” doesn’t sound funny. BoyBand sounds funny! Yahoo!

Boyband – Official Trailer

All right, check out the boys in the new and improved final version of the trailer for the movie BoyBand!

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