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BoyBand at Woods Hole Film Festival!

This past weekend BoyBand screened as the closing night film at the Woods Hole Film Festival in Massachusetts to a packed house with lots of laughs and great energy! After the show there was an 80s themed after party in which the room was just as packed as the theater, with everyone wearing 80s clothes. The highlight was the BoyBand super fan who showed up with some sort of contraption on his chest which played the BoyBand soundtrack. Impressive.

BoyBand Woods Hole Festival Premiere

This coming Saturday, (August 7th) BoyBand will be playing at 7:00pm at the Woods Hole Film Festival in Woods Hole, MA. We want to pack the house and show everyone that BoyBand is not only just an amazing comedy with amazing music but is also an event film as well. If you are in the area this Saturday we would love to have you come to Woods Hole before the film dressed in your BoyBand gear or 80s clothes to help promote. Following the 7pm showing of BoyBand there will be an 80s themed party DJ’d by the BoyBand music producer Kaz Gamble.

BoyBand at Woods Hole

In case you haven’t heard. BoyBand will be playing at the Woods Hole Film Festival in Cape Cod on Saturday, August 7th at 7:00pm. If you’re in the New England area (or even if you aren’t!) be sure to check out BoyBand on August 7th in the Cape (hey, maybe you can even get a little beach time in while you’re at it!)