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BoyBand in theaters

Hey everyone,

If you haven’t gotten a chance to see BoyBand yet it is playing at ShowCase Cinema North Monday, June 14-Thursday, June 17th. The show times are as follows: 12:30pm, 2:40pm, 4:50pm, 7:00pm, 10:00pm.

Not in the Worcester area? Well, it’s playing at ShowCase Cinema Revere Monday, June 14th-Thursday, June 17th. The show times are as follows: 12:20pm, 2:30pm, 4:40pm, 7:00pm and 10:00pm.

This is it’s last week in movie theaters (at least for now!) so get out there and support BoyBand! (No need to watch the Finals, we all know the Celtics will win!)

BoyBand to Open in Theaters!

Hey everyone! BoyBand is beginning it’s theatrical run in New England with two major theaters! Here are some dates to put on your calendar. Keep checking the blog for updates and become a fan of BoyBand: the Movie on Facebook.

Wednesday, June 2nd, from 6-8pm, BoyBand’s 80’s rollerskating party at Skylight Roller Rink at 648 Park Ave. We’re wearing 80’s clothes! You should too…but you don’t have to.

Thursday, June 3rd, cast/crew premiere – invite only

Friday, June 4th – Public Opening of BoyBand at Showcase Cinema North in Worcester. (Showtimes to come!) Q&A with stars Michael Copon, E-Knock, Lorenzo Hooker III, Writer/Director Jon Artigo, Producer Andrea Ajemian, and Music Producer Kaz Gamble to follow the 7pm and 9pm screenings. (check your local listings for exact screening times)

Friday, June 4th – After party at Gilrein’s, 802 Main Street, Worcester, 9pm-2am. There will be a cover.

Sat, June 5th – Q&A with Director/Producer/Music Producer after 7pm screening at Showcase Cinema North

Showcase Cinema North Worcester run from 6/4/10 – 6/10/10 – additional weeks may be added

Friday, June 11th – BoyBand opens at Showcase Cinema in Revere, MA – everyone come out and show some love for the opening in Revere – Q&A with stars E-Knock, Lorenzo Hooker III (from Status Quo), and Producer Andrea Ajemian after 7pm screening.

Showcase Cinema Revere Run fro 6/11/10 – 6/17/10 – additional weeks may be added

Check your local movie listings for exact screening times. Tickets can be purchased in advance.
More news to come. See you at the movies!
-Andrea (Producer)

More on Hansen’s new project!

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Hansen will star in the tv pilot “Friends with Benefits”. Sounds like an interesting show and I know it will be funny with Ryan headlining it.

Click here to read article

Kurt Fuller star of Supernatural dishes on his Hollywood costars

Hey Everyone,

Check out this interview where Hollywood veteran Kurt Fuller, talks about his role on Supernatural and talks about some of his famous co-stars from Tracy Morgan, to Jessica Biel, to Will Smith. Kurt plays Earl, Brad Roberts’ football-obsessed father in the film “BoyBand” and though he claims he “the meanest man on tv” we know after working with Kurt, that he is truly one of the nice guys in Hollywood.

Read the article here

Producer Andrea Ajemian speaks at Society of Professional Communicators

BoyBand’s tireless producer, Andrea Ajemian, takes a break from her Holly-woo lifestyle to speak at the Society of Professional Communicators on Tuesday February 9th. So come check her out if you want to get educated. She will speak about promoting Central, Massachusetts through film and video and her experience producing four feature films during the last eight years. That’s right, she’s produced 3 more feature films in the last 8 years than James Cameron!

Click Here for more details!

Boyband – Official Trailer

All right, check out the boys in the new and improved final version of the trailer for the movie BoyBand!

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Ming Na shows her Geek Chic!

Check out the latest interview from the beautiful Ming Na (Judy in We Got the Beat ) talking Stargate, Star Wars, and Star Trek. Eat your heart out geeks…

Click here to read article.

Rachel Specter New Miller Lite Girl!

I’m a Miller Lite guy. Hell it was the first beer I ever tasted, but even I know when to say whatever Rachel Specter wants me to!

Awesome commercial. Way to go Pamela Harris!!!

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Robert Hoffman steals show in “Aliens in the Attic”

Well it seems that the Hollywood critics are figuring out what we already knew.  Robert Hoffman is a comedic genius.  Check out the praise he receives for his alien-controlled, kung fu fighting, laugh inducing performance in the new family comedy “Aliens in the Attic”.  Good job Robert!

Robert Hoffman under the alien's thumb.

Robert Hoffman under the alien's thumb.



 “…the movie belongs to Robert Hoffman. Playing Tisdale’s two-faced boyfriend, Hoffman, a classically trained dancer, literally throws himself into the scenes in which the aliens use him as their personal remote-controlled errand boy. The extraterrestrials get title billing, but Hoffman steals the show.” – Glenn Whipp,  The LA Times

“Robert Hoffman, who… seems to have an incredible gift for physical comedy.” – Joshua Tyler, CinemaBlend.com

 “Responsible for evoking most of the laughter here, Hoffman (Step Up 2 the Streets) shows off his exceptional ability for physical comedy during hilarious sequences when “Ricky” is taken over by the mind-control thingamajig. Hoffman’s dance training certainly must have come in handy for this role. But he’s also quite funny in scenes where his character secretly mocks his girlfriend’s dad (Nealon), makes belittling remarks to her brother (Jenkins), and finally realizes what’s been happening.” – Betty Jo Tucker, ReelTalk

Hoffman is a major find. Previously best known for the Step Up sequel, he gives a physical comedy performance here that shows great promise, as he spends most of the movie subject to the whims of an alien video-game controller that makes him literally bend over backward to humiliate himself.” – Luke Thompson, E! Online

“Hoffman’s wild contortions had the young tykes in our audience convulsing with laughter.” – Pete Hammond, BoxOffice Magazine


“The sole bright spot is Robert Hoffman, who has the smarmy smirk of a young Jay Mohr, and is more than game as Tisdale’s boyfriend (and eventual alien punching bag). Poor as the jokes are (they mostly involve Hoffman falling down, or getting hit in the face) he dives into them with gusto…he’s the best special effect in the picture.” – Stephen Whitty, The Newark Star-Ledger


“In the film’s best gag… Hoffman, a dancer and actor, contorts, flips, twists and jerks his body all over the set.”– Kirk Honeycutt, The Hollywood Reporter


“some genuinely funny physical comedy … by Doris Roberts as a doting grandmother who becomes a high-flying, butt-kicking martial artist and Robert Hoffman as Bethany’s sleazy overage boyfriend. Latter is especially hilarious as his jerky character becomes a herky-jerk puppet.” – Joe Leydon, Variety


 “Hoffman steals the picture…”– Roger Moore, Orlando Sentinel

Producer Andrea Ajemian in Boston Globe

Boston Globe Sunday Magazine

Ming-Na in new film Push

Ming-Na is in the hit film Push starring Dakota Fanning, Djimon Hounsou, and Chris Evans.  Check her out in it:


Worcester Telegram & Gazette July 26, 2008 (Press)

From the Worcester Telegram & Gazette:

500 at Clark movie shoot
Crew is in Worcester filming new teen comedy

WORCESTER— Walking into Clark University’s Atwood Hall was like going through a time machine yesterday as 500 people with 1980s-style big hair and high-waisted Jordache jeans took part in the film “We Got the Beat.”

It’s the latest production by the dynamic duo of Jon Artigo and Andrea Ajemian, who made “Rutland, USA,” “Freedom Park” and the soon-to-be-released teen drama “Still Green.” Atwood Hall was the setting for “The Talent Show,” at which the lead character transitions from the hot-shot, high school quarterback to the leader of the “first-ever” boy band in 1982



You can dance if you want to!

What would a movie about the first boy band be without a Director that can dance. Watch Jon break it down, and see proof that breaks the myth “white boys can’t dance”.

Making Dreams Come True and more ROBB RUSS!!

This is what it’s about. On this day we had call backs for the local cast. We cast 8 local actors in speaking roles. Some of them are members of the Screen Actors Guild, and some of them are non-union with dreams of getting into the union and becoming professional actors. All of them will be paid SAG Modified Low Budget wages, and the non-union actors will become eligible to join the union from this film. I am someone who understands that opportunity so well.

I moved to L.A. in 1999 to pursue an acting career. It took me a few years to get into the union out there. I have always wanted to give opportunities to talented people from where I grew up, Worcester, and Massachusetts in general. This day was awesome. The people we cast were excited, appreciative, and ready to work. To Jon and I, it’s about talent, attitude, and personality. We have a lot we are trying to achieve with this film, and everyone who is a part of it from the cast to the crew to the volunteers, are all going to help make it all it can be. Call me cheesy, but dreams do come true. My eyes are sore from being so tired, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. This is wicked mint!

Lack of sleep

For two years my life has been trying to get this film made. Now it’s happening and I’m so nervous that I’m going to do something to screw it up, I’m forgetting to enjoy it. Do you know what I mean? There’s a lot of stress on the Producer – insurance, payroll, SAG paperwork, hiring crew, making deals with companies to save money, cast, logistical things, mansion concerns (our crew is living in a mansion turned college dorm in Worcester).
Anyway, I love making movies. If I didn’t, I never could’ve pulled any of this off. Right now, what’s making it worth the lack of sleep, super long days, and constant feeling that I haven’t done enough as I lay in bed at night, is my team. My Production Manager Dave is amazing. My assistant Christina is keeping everything organized. I’m very lucky to have the team I have. It’s everyone’s movie now. OK – I have to try and go to sleep. What can I count in my head to try falling asleep? I’ve tried sheep and I know this makes no sense since my eyes are closed, but it hurts my eyes when I try to count sheep, because I move my eyeballs from left to right trying to watch the imaginary sheep I’m counting.

Orange Ocean CD release party.

Worcester felt like NYC or downtown LA this past weekend when I mc’d the Orange Ocean CD release party on the top floor of an office building. They had guest list girls, a huge security guard, a DJ, a diverse fun crowd, and duck yao.

I was introducing the director to the ORANGE OCEAN – my favorite Worcester band. They are amazing and I hope to get their music into the soundtrack somehow. Opening acts included Baker and Afro DZ Ak.

Hooray for HOLLYWOO

If you take all the D’s out of Hollywood you have HOLLYWOO – aka “The Woo” aka Worcester MASS – a much better place to go sledding, eat apples, raise a family, or make a teen comedy about the world’s first ever boyband than the crowded highway known as Lost Angeles. You’ve heard it before and I’ll say it again – Hollwoo is the new filmmaking capital of the world.*

REPLACED & UPGRADED: Melrose & Vine has been replaced by Portland & Myrtle, Echo park by Elm park, the Griffith Observatory by Bancroft Tower, sunset strip by the canal district & the pacific ocean by Lake Quinsigamond. (leave more replacements in the comments)

Worcester, Massachusetts is the new Hollywood.

*if your world is central massachusetts

Can anyone find early 80’s uniforms??!

Yes, it’s very fun making a film set in the 1980’s, but it’s also very difficult. For instance, gone are the days where I can send out my Director of Photography and a couple of P.A.s to shoot an actor riding his bike down the street. Now I have to get the street closed off, have police detail, and find 70/80’s cars to line the streets. Ugh. Thank God I have great people on my team to make these things happen. Here’s the biggest problem right now – cheerleading and football uniforms from the early 80’s to become the Worcester High uniforms. We’d like them to be blue and yellow, but we are open to other colors providing the styles are right. We cannot find them anywhere. This week we have to make a final decision on the mascot (example: The Worcester High Rockets, The Worcester High Grinders) I’m pretty sure that the Art Dept. and Jon have decided, but if we find uniforms that say “Warriors” on them and we can have them for free, we’ll be the Worcester High Warriors. A challenge to you – we’ll give a special thanks credit at the end of the film to anyone who can find early 80’s uniforms for us that work for Worcester High. Any thoughts?

Worcester Telegram & Gazette June 13, 2008 (Press)

From the Worcester Telegram:

Jon Artigo and Andrea Ajemian are looking for a little help from their friends, their acquaintances and anyone else willing to pitch in.

After two years of hard work, the filmmakers have raised enough money to shoot their third teen comedy set in Central Massachusetts. They have raised $500,000 from local investors to make “We Got the Beat,” the minimum needed to move ahead, Ms. Ajemian said. Originally, the goal was four times that amount.

“Persistence pays off,” Ms. Ajemian said from her office in the Printers Building in downtown Worcester. “We’re excited to move forward, but we are going to rely heavily on the Worcester community to come through with donations in order to make this movie look like it was shot for $2 million.



Make a movie and live like we are in college

Our entire crew is living in a college dorm. OK, it’s technically a mansion, but Becker College in Worcester has turned a ton of beautiful mansions into dorms. These have got to be the nicest dorms I have ever seen. I’ve seen a lot of dorms because I worked in college admissions, I went to college, AND I used to be a Regional Manager for a summer camp company that ran computer camps at top universities. This dorm is no ordinary dorm. First of all, we have a midget bathtub. That’s right. AND, when I stepped on glass the other day, I just soaked my feet in the midget bathtub until my feet got soft enough and the glass came out. 2nd, in some of the rooms there are gnome closets. I’m not lying. Some people think they were contraptions to send things up the floors long ago, but I’m not buying that. There are naked gnome babies engraved above some of the fireplaces. That’s a hint. 3rd, we have a semi-professional baseball team living across the street from us, also in a Becker College dorm. The Worcester papperazzi won’t leave us alone. (That was a joke by the way) We have a parlor, two shower rooms, and our own RA named Christy. We get to make a movie and live like we are in college. This is so much fun!

Boston Herald May 27, 2008 (Press)

From the Boston Herald “We Hear” section:

That Aa Films of Worcester is about to roll cameras on the indie flick “We Got The Beat,” starring “One Tree Hill” hunk Michael Copon. The indie is set in 1983 and tells the tale of a teen boy band, which, apparently has the beat . . . .